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LIRMM - Leeds Institute of Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Medicine

LIRMM - Leeds Institute of Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Medicine

Rasch Course

2023 Online Intermediate/Advanced (combined) Rasch Analysis Course



2023 Online Intermediate/Advanced (Combined) Rasch Analysis Course:

This course builds on the Introductory Rasch Analysis using RUMM2030 Course, progressing and advancing the base that was developed during the Introductory Course (a prerequisite). Some Rasch Measurement Theory topics will be expanded and developed, whereas others will be newly introduced. This is a practical course which aims to aid the Rasch practitioner, in terms of how best to carry out a Rasch analysis, and how to present the findings. We will discuss topics such as analyses ordering, DIF issues, local dependency, anchoring, data simulation and longitudinal data. This course will primarily use examples from the health sciences, but it will also suit those working in the measurement of outcomes of attitudinal data in the social sciences or in educational testing, as well as those working in health sciences and with PROMs.

It is assumed that participants will have some familiarity with the RUMM2030 software, therefore all participants are expected to have completed the introductory course or have experience with the RUMM2030 software.

Please note that the Intermediate and Advanced Rasch Courses were previously offered separately. We have, however, amended the format so that we are now offering only this single Intermediate/Advanced Course, which signifies the progression from the Introductory Course.


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Rasch Course

2024 Online Introductory Rasch Analysis Course



Online Course ( delivered over a 6 week period) - 24th January - 6th March 2024 inclusive (No session on 14th Feb)

A workshop to introduce Rasch analysis using RUMM2030 software. This course will suit those working in the measurement of outcomes in the health sciences, of attitudinal data in the social sciences, or in educational testing. It will take the form of an online workshop introducing the Rasch measurement model and the Rasch Unidimensional Measurement Models (RUMM2030) software package. The workshop will be delivered fully online through a combination of pre-recorded teaching videos, exercises, and interactive live sessions over a number of weeks, from 24th January - 6th March 2024
inclusive. (No session on 14th Feb)

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to analyse and interpret data, using RUMM2030, for:

• Input of data into the RUMM2030 program
• Assessing fit to the Rasch model
• Testing for local dependency
• Examining the category probability patterns for
polytomous items
• Examining the targeting and reliability of the scale
or test
• Assessing the unidimensionality of the item set


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