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The Origins and Development of Geography at the University of Leeds, c.1874 – 2014




Prof. Robin Butlin, with a postscript by Dr Andrew Evans

To celebrate our move to a new area on campus, and because it seemed like a good time to reflect on our past, members of the School have been compiling a history of Geography at Leeds, tracking the evolution of the subject since c.1900 and the development of the School of Geography since the origins of the University. The book covers the origins of the School of Geography, detailing its national and international importance from its earliest years. It also covers a number of well-known people who have passed through the School and puts well-loved fieldtrips, subjects, and buildings in their historical context. Finally it comes up to date with an exploration of where the School is currently, and changes expected in the near future. As such, it is intended to be of interest to both alumni and to those who might be interested in a case study elucidating the development of Geography as a subject in the UK.


Detailed Description

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